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Organic Gardening Workshop for Teachers

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School Gardens

Meeting Florida Educational Standards for Science

Course Description: Through lecture, discussion and hands-on methods, teachers will gain knowledge of how to construct and maintain an organic vegetable garden for classroom use, as well as how a school garden can meet the majority of Florida Educational Standards for Science, and be integrated across subjects such as Math, Language Arts and Social Science.   

As a result of this workshop participants will be able to:

      assess potential resources and barriers for implementing a sustainable school garden

      construct a raised-bed garden

      explain what constitutes organic gardening methods

      distinguish organic methods including soil amendment, disease control and composting

      apply techniques for requesting and acknowledging materials donations from community sources

      identify potential funding sources and grant application guidelines

      utilize websites to download grade-level appropriate classroom resources

      design classroom activities and materials that integrate garden themes

      utilize the garden for hands-on learning activities that achieve the Sunshine State standards for science

      identify how content in science can be applied to real-world issues concerning food, land, and people

 To register: Please call 305-237-1019 or go to website 

For more information: Please call 305-237-1218 or email:
Tutition:  $59.00  --Reference # 466923

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