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Environmental Leadership Summit



A Series of Lectures and Workshops
Thursday, October 1 through Saturday, October 3, 2015

Developed by Tropical Audubon and Earth Ethics Institute
Hosted at Miami Dade College and Virginia Key North Point
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    Thursday, October 1, 2015    MDC Wolfson Campus, Room 3210

Katy Sorenson                 Laura Reynolds               Anne Freedman             Chris Migliaccio

Thursday, October 1, 2015
Miami Dade College, Wolfson Campus, Building 3, Room 3210      
3:30 – 5 pm –

Welcome by Dr. Josť Vicente, MDC Wolfson Campus President

1- Leadership in the 21st Century:  Miami-Dade County Prosperity and Resiliency
A Conversation with Laura Reynolds and Katy Sorenson.

Moderated by - Chris Migliaccio – Honors College Faculty
Laura Reynolds,
Director of Tropical Audubon Society,  Environmental Issues
Katy Sorenson,
Founder, President and CEO,   Good Government Initiative, Ethics and Strategy  

2- Communicating Effectively:  How to motivate people who don’t share your views

Anne Freedman,  President and Founder, Speak Out

  Thursday Evening, October 1, 2015  Blackbird Ordinary Bar and Club - Reception and LPanel


Thursday, October 1, Blackbird Ordinary Bar and Club
729 SW 1st Street, Miami, FL 33130

5:30 - 6:45 pm - Reception

7 - 9:30 pm
   Climate March Planning and Discussion

Laura Reynolds, Director of Tropical Audubon"
Caroline Lewis, Director and Founder, CLEO Institute
Sonya Succar-Ferrer, League of Women Voters
Juan Cuba, EMERGE  Miami

   Friday, October 2, 2015  MDC WOlfson Campus, Room 1261

Friday, October 2, 2015
Miami Dade College, Wolfson Campus, 300 NE 2nd Ave

8 am Yoga - Mind/Body Leadership
Facilitated by Carlos Gonzalez,
Professor, MDC Kendall
MDC Wolfson, Building 3, On the Fifth Floor Terrace
 MDC Student Yoga Registration  

MDC Wolfson Campus, 300 NE 2nd Ave, Building 1, Room 1261 (Auditorium)          
9 am – 12:00pm

9 am – 9:50 am Live Like You Live Here-
Living between Two National Parks, Green Urban Design, Smart Growth
Moderated by Marcia Lopes de Mello

Laura Reynolds,
Tropical Audubon,
Jason King
(Dover, Kohl & Partners)
Brian Lemmerman
(Architect, Duany Plater –Zyberk & Company)

10 am – 10:50 am   South Florida Energy Generation and Water Connections
Moderated by Chris Migliaccio
George Cavros,
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy
Laura Reynolds,
Tropical Audubon,  FPL and Turkey Point and Water

11 am – 11:50 am   Importance of Coastal Restoration for a Resilient Miami
Moderated by Chris Migliaccio
Ecology and Conservation of Mangroves -
Dr. John Barimo,
MDC , Homestead Campus Natural Science Chairperson,
Nature Conservancy and Mangrove Restoration in Dade County -
Dr. Greg Guannel,
The Nature Conservancy , Conservation Director –
Virginia Key North Point –Restoration,  New Technology and Citizen Science – 
Chelle King
(Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science

  Friday Afternoon, October 2, 2015   MDC Wolfson Campus, Room 3210

Friday Afternoon – October 2, 2015
Miami Dade College, Wolfson Campus, 300 NE 2nd Ave, Building 3, Room 3210 
12 Noon-4:30pm

Environment, Climate, and County Resiliency
Climate change is influencing Miami-Dade County’s thinking on urban, regional, transportation and economic planning. Florida has more people living less than four feet above sea level than any U.S. state, except Louisiana. The county has the largest amount of exposed assets and the fourth-largest population vulnerable to sea-level rise in the world. While being located at the frontlines of sea-level rise has presented daunting challenges, the leadership and action being taken by local officials, governments, universities, and organizations have laid a foundation of planning, policy, and awareness. The Southeast Florida Regional Climate Action Plan calls for concerted effort in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to regional and local impacts of a changing climate. The recommendations presented in the plan aim to accomplish these goals while serving to protect the assets of the region’s unique quality of life and economy, guiding future investments, and fostering livable, sustainable, and resilient communities. This component of the summit will address the recent county understanding that resiliency is tied to learning to live with water, re-thinking infrastructure and insuring an equitable approach for all residents.

MDC Faculty Register for EEI/CTD Professional Development Workshop -- To Register, Reference #898822

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12 Noon – 1:30 pm  Lunch

12 – 12:20 pm Poster Presentations -
- Urban Mobility and Health Poster presentations- Anatomy & Physiology Students – Dr. Larry Frolich
  - Florida Keys Wild Bird Sanctuary Woodcuts  –Visual  Arts  Students – Professor Claudia Scalise

12:45 - The Development and Importance of a Sustainable Local Food System

Art Friedrich
(Urban Oasis Project)  

1:30 – 3 pm  Report on Climate Change –
Miami-Dade County and South Florida Regional Climate Change Compact Efforts

Summarize Key Regional Initiatives addressing the impact of climate change and rising seas
Panel Discussion –
Moderated by Laura Reynolds
Katherine Hagemann,
Miami-Dade County Office of Sustainability
Doug Yoder
Miami-Dade County Water & Sewer 
Kimberly Brown -
Miami-Dade County
Regulatory and Economic Resources Department

3- 4:30 pm    Re-visioning Community: Ecological Health, Social Equity and Prosperity
Introductions by Colleen Ahern-Hettich
Envision transits role in creating resilient communities - Marta Viciedo, Urban Impact Lab
Identify how Active Design Guidelines contribute to resiliency - Thorn Grafton,
Zyscovich Architects
Brian Lemmerman -
Architect, Duany Plater –Zyberk & Company


   Saturday, October 3, 2015   Virginia Key North Point

, October 3, 2015

Virginia Key North Point

Saturday, October 3, 2015,         9 am - 12 Noon
Facilitated by Gary Milano, Fernando Bretos, Chelle King
5 hours of Professional Development Credit -
MDC Faculty Register - Use linked Reference Number ,   Reference #

MDC Student Registration

Google Directions Enter:  “Virginia Key Mountain Bike Park”
Map on the Left-

Virginia Key North Point: A Sense of Place
Coastal Restoration for Urban Climate Resiliency     
Facilitators – Gary Milano ,  Chelle King & & Fernando Bretos
This workshop will expose participants to the unique coastal ecology and cultural history of Virginia Key North Point (VKNP). VKNP is the 17-acre northern promontory of Virginia Key that is currently undergoing habitat restoration through a partnership between the Miami-Dade County Department of Environmental Resource Management (DERM) and the Patricia and Phillip Frost Science Museum’s Museum Volunteers for the Environment (MUVE) program. As this area is undergoing massive environmental modification, EEI hopes to capture ecological change and social opinions. Participants will take an informational walking tour of the North Point. Experts from DERM and MUVE and local historians will give a short lecture on the history of this unique habitat and identification of native and invasive vegetation. During the informational tour, faculty will have an opportunity to actively participate in the habitat restoration: planting native dune plants, removing invasive vegetation, and documenting existing conditions. Participants will be expected to relate this workshop experience to their discipline (life science, arts, journalism, etc.) and develop ways to explore basic concepts of ecology and conservation into courses.

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