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Fostering Behavior Change for Sustainability


Facilitated by Scott Perret                               Power Point for Course

Offered at Four Campuses in May and June 2011
Kendall Campus -   Wednesday, May 18 - 12 Noon - 1:30 pm Reference #656631
InterAmerican Campus - Tuesday, May 24 -1:45 pm - 3:45 pm - Reference #656633
Hialeah Campus - Wednesday, June 1 - 1:30 pm - 3 pm - Reference #656635
Wolfson Campus - Wednesday, June 8 - 1:30 pm - 3 pm - Reference #656638

Traditional efforts to foster behavior change through informational, or “awareness building” campaigns are ineffective.  Learn why, and then be introduced to a more effective approach using Community-Based Social Marketing, peer pressure and a bevy of influence tools.  The methods draw heavily on social science insights into human behavioral psychology and prescribe careful program design for maximal results. The workshop concludes by directing participants to more resources on the subject, including a guide to create and implement behavior change programs of their own

Course Objectives/Learning Outcomes:

This workshop will enable participants to:

 * Explain why it’s important to properly identify what motivates people to   engage in a desired behavior, as well as the barriers to the new behavior

 * Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of methodical program design in campaigns that foster behavior change for sustainability

* Identify resources to create effective behavior change programs

Incorporate learning outcomes  #6 and #10 into courses as relates to sustainability

Plan of Evaluation
Evaluation will include completion of the workshop.  Additionally, participants shall either, a) write a reflection paper, minimum of one page, providing steps to including the community based social marketing model and/or the tools of influence it contains in the content area of one of their courses, or b) create a discipline-specific lesson plan that incorporates the model itself and/or the concepts it demonstrates.  Paper or lesson plan is due to the director of Earth Ethics Institute within three weeks of the workshop.

Scott Perret is a consultant and educator whose area of focus centers around influence, behavior change, creating buy-in, and the psychology of change as they apply to fostering sustainability in organizations and societies.  Most recently he trained in Community Based Social Marketing with Doug McKenzie-Mohr, the founder of that system and author of Fostering Sustainable Behavior.  Conferences include the annual Behavior, Energy and Climate Change Conference in the US, and Transitions in the UK.  Mr. Perret has studied widely in the field of sustainability. 



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