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 Faculty Information - Global Sustainability and Earth Literacy Studies (GSELS) -



GSELS Vision -  

Global Sustainability and Earth Literacy Studies acknowledges the interconnections and interdependence of the personal, social, economic, cultural, environmental, and political aspects of our world. Collaboratively, students, faculty, administrators, and staff explore the significance of human activity within an evolving Universe and Earth. Through shared leadership, this nurturing learning community facilitates the emergence of awareness, knowledge, skills and solutions necessary to create sustainable systems that support a healthy and just economy, society, culture and environment, while fostering values of Earth ethics, social justice, cultural diversity, and civic engagement.


Join the GSELS Learning Network

Attend EEI Workshops or events   -    Contact an EEI Campus Coordinator about opportunities - or  -
Visit the EEI Faculty/staff link for EEI/ Center for Institutional and Organizational Learning (CIOL)  Workshops.

Faculty Participation Process

How does it work? What do you have to do? Once a faculty member has taken one EEI / Center for Institutional and Organizational Learning (CIOL) workshop, he/she  may designate a course(s) as part of the GSELS Learning Network. The faculty member then has three years to earn GSELS certification.   (If you have not taken an EEI/CIOL workshop and believe you have expertise in Earth Literacy or Sustainable Development, or Sustainable Education, contact the EEI director for approval to designate your courses.)


Faculty Requisites for EEI GSELS Certification

Miami Dade College faculty who currently hold a Masterís Degree are encouraged to participate and begin exploring Global Sustainability and Earth Literacy in their courses.  Faculty can become  GSELS certified in one of four ways:


1.       36 EEI/CIOL Professional Development hours including a minimum of 4 hours of EEI/CIOL Faculty Immersions


2.       3 Graduate Credits  (one course) in Earth Literacy or Sustainability Leadership/Sustainable Education Studies


3.       Recognized Expertise in Earth Literacy or social, environmental, or ethical components of Sustainability or

          Sustainable Education (publishing, research, course or course component creation)


4.       Certification from the EEI director, or the EEI National Advisory Board


Contact the EEI director for further assistance.


Designating Courses
-GSELS  faculty  will identify existing courses that will be taught containing GSELS themes.  Faculty decide which

  courses and which sections will be designated.
-GSELS faculty will
register designated courses on-line and these courses will be displayed on the EEI website so 

  students can select to participate.


GSELS Campus Coordinators

Faculty and EEI staff will work together organizing meetings for the GSELS campus community.

GSELS Faculty Checklist


GSELS Two-page overview


Faculty Mentorship

Faculty who have incorporated GSELS content in their courses may serve as mentors to others wishing to do so. Contact the EEI director if you are interested in being a mentor.


GSELS Faculty and GSELS-designated courses will be listed on the  Earth Ethics Institute website.


Students Able to Earn GSELS Scholar Recognition



 Global Sustainability and Earth Literacy Studies -Guiding Philosophy

The Earth Charter



Thomas Berry's -Nature of Universe
 and  12 Principles
of Understanding the Universe,


Life Long Learning,
Environmental and
Sustainable Education




  GSELS Home


GSELS Faculty Checklist


  Designating Courses
What are the 

   GSELS Designations?


 GSELS Course Criteria

   What is the Criteria for  

   Designating a course

   as a GSELS course?



  Register Courses
Register to Participate

   and  Enter your  

   Designated Course



   GSELS Faculty Participation Process


GSELS-Designated Courses

Courses Available and
Participating Faculty


Certified Faculty

GSELS Scholar Information Handout


GSELS Campus

MDC faculty and EEI Staff



Characteristics of a
  21st Century 

  Engaged Citizen



  GSELS Supports MDC
  Learning Outcomes





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