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Green Studies Workshops


Green Studies I

Course ID - CTD0484
(8 hours of Maintenance in Rank Credit)

This workshop is designed to assist participants in nurturing views that are compatible with the Earth's systems and to encourage all to apply these views across the disciplines into the curriculum at MDC.

   Examine personal experiences, memories, and reflections on the natural world, as well as one’s connection to place

   Explore cosmology and world view and discuss ways in which various historic and cultural paradigms influence how one sees the world, how paradigm determines choice and ways educational systems tend to shape our perceptions; discuss questions about science and spirituality

   Examine ethical considerations that relate to developing value systems that guide actions, self correct, integrate with one’s beliefs and lead to a standard of ethics for a sustainable earth community

   Discuss possible directions toward appropriate solutions to environmental destruction

   Describe ways to effectively incorporate Earth Literacy concepts into curriculum, as well as explore trans-disciplinary collaboration.


Positive Deviance: A 21st Century Revolution

Redefining Prosperity

Aims of the Briefing, Introduction - Sustainable Education


The Way of the Real Human Being

We Are One

New Thinking, New Changes

Life Beyond the Bubble

From the Nightmare to the Dream

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Facilitated by
Colleen Ahern-Hettich
and Carlos Gonzalez





 Chandra links pulsar to historic supernova 


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