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The Impact of Food on the Environment
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Guest Speakers:
Ruth Ozeki and Gabriele Marewski
12:30 pm - 5 pm
(Organic Lunch Served)

We recognize food as a basic necessity of life, but we seldom pause to consider its influence on the spirit, psyche, and society of the people who consume it.  This workshop will explore how the topics of food production and distribution can be applied across a full-spectrum of discipline areas from economics and health care to art and literature.  Special guest speaker, novelist Ruth Ozeki (My Year of Meats, All Over Creation) will guide a discussion about the sustainability movement's influence on a new generation of writers and other artists. Guest farmer and business woman Gabriela Marewski will discuss current organic farming practices and business opportunities related to sustainable food production. Participants will share ideas and questions about how environmental awareness can spark creativity in the classroom and work environment.

* Explain how dietary choices impact our environment, health and economics.

• List and explain some health risks associated with the use of chemical pesticides, synthetic hormones or genetic modification of food.

• Define "certified organic" and identify some health benefits of organically grown foods.

• Describe how food production impacts the environment.

• List alternatives to current agribusiness practices.

•Explain how awareness of the natural environment can spark creativity.

•Propose a pedagogical question related to the topic of the impact of food on the environment, or a reflection, or a lesson plan associated with the workshop.


Program - 5 hours Professional Development Credit for Faculty

12:30 pm  – organic regional lunch,  book and food-related  displays

1:00 – 1:30 pm – Madelyn Moyer
Community Rooted Organic Produce Services (CROPS)

 1:30 – 2:15 – Ruth Ozeki, Author of All Over Creation
The Impact of Food on the Environment Informs My Novels

2:15 – MDC Green Expo –
(break- coffee, tea and desert)
Second Floor – Building K

 2:45  – 3:30 pm – Video and Discussion-

Video:  Interview, Amy Goodman and Michael Pollan (20 minutes)

Discussion: Big Food vs. Big Insurance; Michael Pollen

 3:30 – 4 :15 pm – Gabriela Marewski, Organic Gardener
Organic Gardening in South Florida

 4:15 – Anouchka Rachelson
ESL Kendall Garden Outside Bldg. 6

4:30 pm – 5 pm – Reception -
Kendall Environmental Center

RUTH OZEKI is an award-winning filmmaker and novelist, whose work has been characterized by U.S.A. Today as "ardent and passionate...rare and provocative." Her first novel, My Year of Meats, was published in 1998 by Viking Penguin and has garnered widespread glowing reviews, awards, and a still-growing readership.  Ozeki's second novel, All Over Creation (Viking Penguin, 2003) shifts the focus from meat to potatoes in a story of a family farmer, his prodigal daughter, an itinerant gang of environmental activists, and a New Age corporate spin doctor, whose lives and interests collide in Liberty Falls, Idaho. In a starred review, Kirkus called this cast of characters "most fully realized and heart-wrenching in their imperfect yearnings," and declared All Over Creation, "a feast for mind and heart." Again a New York Times Notable Book, All Over Creation is the recipient of a 2004 American Book Award from the Before Columbus Foundation, as well as the Willa Literary Award for Contemporary Fiction.

GABRIELE MAREWSKI is an organic farmer and owner of Paradise Farms, a very successful five acre certified organic farm in South Florida. In addition, she is a key organizer of Dinners in Paradise, a series of dinners by well-known South Florida chefs now in its fourth season. Proceeds from the dinners are donated to area organizations working to promote environmental sustainability.

 MADELYN MOYER is an AmeriCorps VISTA currently working with Earth Ethics Institute. Her service project is CROPS, an organic produce buying club established to bring fresh organic produce to the Wolfson Campus employees and students as well as serve as a replicable service learning project. In addition Madelyn oversees the EEI Organic Gardens in the Community project.

ANOUCHKA RACHELSON is a professor at the Kendall Campus who has incorporated an organic garden for three years into her ESL classes.


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