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The Impact of Food on the Environment


Kendall Campus, September 20, 2013

The Impact of Food on the Environment
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Course ID - CTD0495
Guest Speakers:    Susan Luck, Mario Yanez
Kendall Campus - R402
12:30 pm - 4:30 pm
(Organic Lunch Served)

What are the impacts, both environmental and social, of the current food production system in the United States both at home and across the globe?

We know that a modern “fast food” diet can be harmful to our health, but we seldom stop to consider the impact of our food choices on the environment. Beyond providing nutrients for the body, food has traditionally been a source of nourishment for the spirit, psyche, and society of the people who consume it.  The choices we make about how food should be produced and distributed impact the health of the entire natural system upon which we rely for our survival. 

Participants in this workshop will explore how “traditional” diets of various cultures safeguarded the well-being of the Earth and its inhabitants.  They will work together to examine the food choices associated with their various cultures and participate in a collaborative activity about effective decision-making related to food.


•           List and explain the health benefits associated with a traditional diet.

•           Identify some healthful foods that reflect their family and cultural traditions.

•           Describe how food production impacts the environment.

•           Explain the importance of maintaining the genetic integrity of our seed banks.

•           List and describe the procedures of a collaborative learning activity which facilitates civic engagement and enhances awareness of natural systems.-

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Susan Luck, Health    
Mario Yanez, Everglades Bioregion

 5 hours Professional Development Credit for Faculty
 3.5  hours Face-to-Face; 1.5 hours preparation

12:30 pm  – lunch

1 pm -4:30 pm - presentations and activities

About Susan Luck

Susan Luck RN, BS, MS, HNC, CCN, has worked in the field of nutrition and immunology for over 20 years. As holistic nurse educator, medical anthropologist, and clinical nutritionist, she has been practicing in integrative healthcare models both in the U.S. and abroad. She is a national speaker and founder and director of the Earthrose Institute (, a foundation dedicated to environmental health education and Program Director of the Integrative Nursing Institute.

Susan Luck is author of the Chapter on Nutrition for Holistic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice and is adjunct faculty and nutrition consultant at the University of Miami, through an NIH grant for women with HIV. Ms. Luck also is the Clinical Nutritionist at Mercy Hospital in Miami, Florida

About Mario Yanez

Mario Yanez, is Director and founded Earth Learning to create empowering, ecological learning experiences and to carve out a space for a life-sustaining culture to evolve in his home bioregion. Mario teaches interdisciplinary courses, leads public workshops, delivers professional development training, and produces public ecological learning events.

Yanez has attained a deep understanding of the New Cosmology, the current ecological crises, humanity’s needed responses and global movements; a clear sense of who he is, his gifts, a strong sense of mission and life’s work; and a deep connection to Earth, his larger body.

Yanez combines his vision of the necessary transition toward an ecologically sustainable world with a passion to bring about a resilient and healthy Greater Everglades bioregion.


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