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Sustainability and Earth Literacy Studies - Integrated and Regenerative Design


Integrated and Regenerative Design

Facilitated by

Michael Singer

Friday, April 1, 2011      1 pm – 5 pm
Miami Dade College, Wolfson Campus, Room 3410-5
300 NE 2nd Avenue, Downtown Miami, FL 33132
4 Architecture CEUs (HSW) 

6 Professional Development Credits for MDC Faculty
(in application process)
   CTD Reference # TBA 

Integrated design utilizes the experience, skills and knowledge base of a multidisciplinary team to create new systems and environments that have optimal social, environmental and economic impact. This workshop will be led by Artist and Designer, Michael Singer, who will demonstrate the integrated design approach for several medium and large-scale architectural, landscape and infrastructural
projects completed by his studio. Mr. Singer will examine how teams of engineers, designers, scientists, historians, planners, sociologists, architects, systems specialists and other professionals  work in tandem to create unified design solutions to meet the needs of projects with multiple challenges.  Through the process of integrated design, Mr. Singer will also demonstrate how systems can be designed to not only be sustainable but can be planned as regenerative, helping to restore previously damaged environments and systems.  

This workshop will enable participants to:

         Explain  the nature of the integrated design approach and how to incorporate this approach in their projects

         Identify whole systems approaches design- examining energy, ecology, water and public interaction

         Describe the role of integrated design and planning for large scale infrastructure and urban projects

         Explain how  projects can function in ways beyond their ‘normal’ expected use

         Develop ways to incorporate regenerative design approaches within  their projects course

Plan of Evaluation

Evaluation will include completion of workshop and participant must write a reflection paper, minimum of one page, exploring steps to including integrative design in content area,  or a discipline  specific lesson plan that incorporates key concepts of integrative and regenerative design. Paper or lesson plan is due to the director of Earth Ethics Institute within three weeks of the workshop .

Alterra Institute for Environmental Research, interior water cleansing sculptural garden, Michael Singer Studio with architect Behnisch and Partner and landscape architect Copijn Tuin en Landschaps Architecten. Photo Credit: Edwin Walwisch  -
image Courtesy of Michael Singer Studio

Miami Dade College  (MDC) 
Faculty  and Staff

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CTD Reference #TBA
 - 6 hours of Professional Development Credit for Faculty (in application process)
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All Others
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