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Earth Literacy and Sustainability Lesson Plans and  Course Modules

Business & Law




                        Total  Submissions Submitting Faculty #

Rahnuma Ahsan


1- Flight and Plight of the Monarch - Conservation and Business

6 7



2-Designing a Business for a Social or Environmental




3-Locavore Case Studies




4-Monarch Conservation and Business




5- Designing a Business Around Food Waste and Food Insecurity




6-Benefits of Sustainability Designed Buildings

Ruth Barrow Kendall 1-Planet-Friendly Practices 1 12

Jamie Bestard


1- Impact Of Unemployment Rate On Society

1 8

Hoa Burrows


1- Water Conservation and Protection

11 1

2-Challenges of Climate Change

    3- Ecotourism and Sustainable Development    
    4-Seeing Systems and Sustainable Business Practices    
    5-Organic Farming    


  6- Reconnecting With Earth    


  7- Reconnecting With Earth II    


  8-Food Choices and The Politics of the Planet    


  9- Food, Sustainability, and Ethics    
    10 - Eating Well Cleaning House    
    11 - It's All Connected! Peace Talks & Justice for The Whole Community    
Rene Choy North 1-The Effects of Climate Change in the Economy 1 11
Robin Dhakal Hialeah 1 - Green Metrics of Sustainable Economic Growth 1 14

Judy Lever Duffy


1-Earth Literacy and Internet Scavenger Hunt 1 2

Robert Foran


1- Environmental Quality Is A Choice

2 5



2- Negative Production Externality

Jeovanny Ponton EPC 1- The tragedy of the Commons-21st Century Eco-Justice 1 13

Richard Sarabia


1-Sustainable Development -Supply Chain Management

6 6



2- Supply Side Management




3- Carbon Offset Credits




4- Sustainability or Green Business Marketing




5-Carbon off set Credit




6- Food Logistics and Transportation


Dr. Benjamin L. Sadler


1-Social Responsibility, Business Ethics and Stakeholders

1 3

Enrique Valdes



3 4



2-Economics of Virginia Key North Point




3-Making Sustainability Sustainable in the Markets


Weston Wilson


1- Natural Environment Factors That Affect Business 

7 9



2-Earth Charter Role in Business




3-Extracting Environmental and Community Health Solutions




4-EXtracting Environmental and Community Health Solutions




5- Sustainable Design




6-Connecting People Places Planet

7- Food Chain

Danixia Cuevas


1- Precautionary Principle Assignment

2 10



2- Reflection Paper - Environmental Project Spring 2009



    44 14

 Chandra links pulsar to historic supernova 


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