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Shaping a Water Ethic  


5 Hours of Professional Development
3 Hours Face-to-Face, 2 hours post workshop

Facilitated by Cris Costello and Dale Andree

Water is the lifeblood of Earth, nourishing our rivers, lakes, springs, estuaries, bays, wetlands and the Greater Everglades Ecosystem. This workshop will introduce participants to: 1) Florida’s water quality and the relationship to the dynamics between grassroots advocacy and governmental policy-making and 2) the objectives of an interdisciplinary Eco Art project, working to shape a water ethic by bringing faculty and student attention to exploring the fragility of our waters.

Sierra Club’s Regional Organizing Representative Cris Costello will discuss her work protecting Florida water quality. In addition, she will offer examples of the interface of activism and governmental policy-making, and how public perception is often shaped by grassroots campaigns.

Dale Andree is the organizer of the National Water Dance. A simultaneous dance performance taking place in Miami and nationally this April, this collaboration of over 24 colleges and universities explores the intersection of the arts and environmental/social issues. Andree will invite faculty from all disciplines to participate in the project and explore opportunities to introduce students to the potential for interdisciplinary learning and creating.

As a result of this workshop, participants will be able to:

Describe the dynamics between grassroots civic engagement and governmental policy-making.

Discuss the importance of land management and regulatory policy to the quality of Florida’s water resources.

Describe how there can be an intersection of the arts and environmental and social issues.

Develop a course component that explores watershed fragility and civic engagement.

Workshop evaluation: 
Evaluation will include completion of workshop and development of a discipline-specific course module or lesson plan addressing watershed fragility. The lesson plan is due to the Earth Ethics Institute within three weeks of the workshop and will be posted on the EEI website.

Our Water. Our Florida. A Water Ethic for Florida by Cynthia Barnett

Earth Observatory - A Decade of Water

Cris Costello, Sierra Club Regional Organizing Representative, is the Coordinator of the statewide Water Sentinels – Protecting Florida’s Waters Campaign, an effort to prevent harmful algal blooms in both coastal and inland waters by eliminating point and non-point sources of nutrient (fertilizer, sewage and animal manure) pollution.  Her efforts includes working for enforceable, measurable nutrient pollution standards for all of Florida’s fresh and estuarine waters and protective local and state-level urban fertilizer management administrative policies and legislation.

Dale Andree, Director of National Water Dance, has a BFA from the Boston Conservatory of Music and received her CMA from The Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies in NYC. She has performed and taught nationally and internationally with her company, Mary Street Dance Theatre. She teaches at New World School of the Arts in the Dance and Theater departments and has been an advocate for improvisation and site-specific dance in the South Florida community.  Dale conceived and directed Florida Waterways Dance Project in 2011, a state wide, simultaneous performance at water sites around the state and live streamed on the Internet and the precursor to National Water Dance.

Hosted by EEI and CTD. To register and for more information: #801726  


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