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Betsy Hilbert Writing Challenge 2005 Winner


Equanimity Found
By Andito Sutherland-Johnson

I went looking for serenity
The cure to my anxiety
I found it perched on Biscayne Bay

Water birds fed from it
Red mangroves walked on it
It illuminated the Oleta River by day

I found my self wrapped in imperturbability
The air was infused with sobriety
One thousand forty three acres of hush 

The sun began settling into its watery bed
The sky was on fire over my head
I knew it was time to return to the rush

I came to the end of the bike trail I chose
This would bring my quest to a close
And return me to urban reality where new-found equanimity would keep me strong

I stood in place for a moment absorbing every last bit
This encounter with nature inspired the rebuild of my spirit
I internalized the park and it would become an inner refuge for me my whole life long

                                          - Andito Sutherland-Johnson

                                                                          Lit 2480 MDC Virtual College


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