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Fifth Annual Miami Dade College North Campus
College Prep Writing Contest


2005 Winners

Please submit an original composition on the following topic:

Explain our obligations to our natural environment.  
You may consider air, water, and food purity; fuel efficiency of vehicles,
alternate energy sources, the humane treatment of animals,
the preservation of the Everglades and/or reefs,
or any other issues you believe are important.

Contest Deadline is March 4, 2005 4 p.m.


1ST PLACE --- $200

2ND PLACE --- $150

3RD PLACE --- $100



1.         Requirements for the essay: an original typed, double-spaced four or five paragraph essay (minimum) written exclusively for this contest.  

2.         Students must be currently enrolled in a College Prep Reading and/or Writing course or have been enrolled in a College Prep course in 2004-1.

3.          Only one entry per student.  Entries will not be returned.

4.         Entry must include a cover page with the student’s name, student #, telephone #, College Prep course #, teacher’s name and reference #.

5.         All contest entries must be submitted in two ways. Entries must be emailed to and a hard copy must be turned into Rm. 6104. Both the emailed copy and the hard copy must be received by Friday, March 4th at 4:00 pm in Rm. 6105. All entries will be verified by

6.         Winners will be announced on Wednesday, April 13, 12:15 – 12:45 in Rm. 6137.
All participants will receive a certificate of appreciation.

Sponsored by Bedford St. Martins Publishers and Earth Ethics Institute at Miami Dade College



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