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                       Organic Food

The Hard Facts

The EPA has found that 90% of fungicides, 30% of insecticides, and 60% of herbicides can potentially cause cancer.
Farm cattle are treated with antibiotics, which creates human antibiotic resistance when consumed.
Chemicals used pollutes the water, air, and soil.
Farmers generally focus on producing one crop, and added to the use of chemicals, this practice erodes the soil.

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Benefits of Eating Organic

Organic fruits and vegetables contain 50% more nutrients than non-organic.
The exclusion of chemicals reduces the risk for cancer.
Some people believe organic food tastes better than non-organic.
Animal practices, such as allowing them outdoors, rotational grazing, a vegetation diet, and clean indoor conditions lowers the occurrence of disease in these animals.
The use of natural fertilizers, the use of insects and birds in pest reduction, and the mechanical management of weeds are practices that favor the environment.

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Certification and Labeling

In order to be labeled as organic, farms producing the product must be inspected by a government-approved certifier to make sure it meets USDA standards. The USDA organic seal will be on fruits and vegetables that are certified organic, or on the sign above the products. You might also find the seal on meat, milk, eggs, cheese, or other single-ingredient foods.

An example of labeling on products with more than one ingredient goes as follows:

Organic Ingredients

Organic Ingredients

At least 70%
Organic Ingredients

Less than 70 %
Organic Ingredients

Products containing at least 70% ingredients cannot place the seal on the front of the package, it must only state that it is 'Made with Organic Ingredients'. If a product contains less than 70% organic ingredients, it cannot make statements of organic products on the front of the package. It can only list the organically-produced ingredients on the side panel. You may or may not find the seal on these products.

Some products will contains the words free-range, hormone free, and natural. This should not be mistaken for organically-grown food.

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