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In January 2006, Dr. Padrón, president of Miami Dade College, signed the Talloires Declaration, a ten point action plan committing the College to incorporating sustainability and environmental literacy in teaching, research, operations and outreach.

In 2007, MDC adopts a sustainability Learning Outcome -
Describe how natural systems function and recognize the impact of humans on the environment.

In 2007, Sustainability is included in the College's Strategic Plan

In 2010, Sustainability becomes one of eight key Values of the college

The vision of Miami Dade College is to be a college of excellence, renowned for its values:

Sustainability practices that distinguish Miami Dade College as a leading innovator in educating our students as contributors to a healthy planet, and as an institution that accepts its responsibility to preserve the natural environment.

Goal 15: Address environmental sustainability in all operations of the college to promote a positive impact on the environment.

• Revise and develop policies, procedures and practices to promote environmental sustainability.

• Implement construction policies and procedures guided by LEED standards.

• Develop a coordinated plan to assess and address energy conservation and generation throughout the College.

• Develop a variety of transportation alternatives that support environmentally sound commuting.

• Promote communications media and equip facilities to reduce travel.

Goal 16: Educate students, staff and community to be contributors to a healthy planet.

• Expand credit and non‐credit programs, courses and activities that promote an understanding of natural systems as the basis for changing departmental, discipline and personal practices.

• Expand professional development opportunities that promote an understanding of environmental sustainability so that this concept can be incorporated into existing credit and non‐credit courses, programs and credentials as well as the development of new ones.

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Green products provide a variety of benefits in addition to the positive environmental impacts, which include: protecting natural resources, minimizing waste, and reducing toxic chemicals. Contrary to the common belief that environmentally sustainable products cost more than traditional products, green products can actually lead to a reduction in operating and maintenance costs and direct and/or indirect cost savings.

EEI would like to make it easy for you to buy “green”. As a result, we have some suggestions as well as links below for your information.

Buy recycled copy paper

Buy energy-efficient office equipment  

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Recycle your used toner cartridges

Environmental Preferable Purchasing program, including an interactive training tool at



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