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Greening the Campus


Buy Recycled Paper

Did you know that the average campus municipal waste stream is made up of 40%-50% paper waste and more? Paper is a resource-intensive product used in extreme volumes on campus. In reality, it is the lifeblood of our university and therefore it is a good place to start your green purchasing commitment.

Additional facts about recycled paper:
Buying post-consumer recycled content paper reduces the demand for wood and wood pulp, protecting critical habitat, and lessening the adverse impacts of commercial forestry

At the mill, making paper from recycled fibers is generally cleaner, since much of the work of separating wood fibers and bleaching the pulp has already been done.

Recycling decreases the amount of waste entering landfills or being incinerated, which also cuts the air and water pollution and the greenhouse gas emissions from paper decomposing in landfills.

Using Recycled vs. Virgin Paper:

Saves 17 trees and 7,000 gallons of water for each ton of recycled paper
Reduces air pollution by 60 lbs.

Saves 60% energy consumption

Resources for Paper

Paper labeling symbols - National Wildlife Federation

Lots of info on sustainable forest issues – from 2004

Printer service that uses recycled/sustainable paper



Contains 100% postconsumer recycled content. Environmentally preferable! This popular paper contains 100% postconsumer recycled fibers, which exceeds federal guidelines for recycled content to help conserve our natural resources. Exceeds U.S. government and most state environmental standards

Looks and performs like non-recycled paper. Standard 92 US / 104 European brightness, 20 lb basis weight. Contains 30% Post Consumer Content.



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