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Biscayne Nature Center


Crandon Park, Key Biscayne] Students have an amazing time taking part in many adventures. Catch and release sea horses, various species of fish, sponges, sea urchins, and sea cucumbers in the sea grass beds in the Sea Grass Adventure. Or take a two-mile walk to this fossilized mangrove reef—thousands of years old—in the Fossil Reef Walk. Or go beachcombing to identify seashells, sea beans, sea hares and the other interesting oddities in the beach walk, among other activities. To learn more visit:

2008-09 Statistics
62% of students attending have never been to Biscayne Nature Center before 97% of students stated that they learned useful information
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Immersion Photos

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What Students Had to Say

I didn't think there were so many creatures close to the shore.

I didn't realize such a wide diversity can be found in such a small area. It is very interesting/surprising how humans are killing some of these animals.

What surprised me the most was not seeing the same animals I saw live years ago when I visited. there were fewer animals this time because the last time I saw starfish and many seahorses.

The most meaningful experience [was] actually having the chance to go into the ocean looking for fish. Memorable information [included some fish that look harmless can actually slice your fingers.

This knowledge I gained will be used in the future so that I can tell others about the different creatures that live [in] the sea and ask them to take care of them and not abuse.

I was surprised to see how shallow the water was and I've learned that I enjoyed being in the water and was no longer scared.

During the summer I am a sailing instructor and we occasionally go snorkeling and find tons of sea creatures. Now I'll be able to identify these animals.

I will use my knowledge gained from this experience to make a greater effort to protect the environment.

The guides rock!

Great presentation about fish and nature! Very enjoyable.

It was so worth it! I feel tension free and alive.

A very useful experience that grew my biophilia.

Student Reflections

Dead, In the Water - Cristina Damian

Shore - Milen Fernandez

The Sea Turtle Journey - Ernesto Mendez

Assignment in Response to BNC Immersion - Eva Sevilla

A New Adventure - D Gomez

BNC Seagrass Adventure - Emi Takaki

BNC - Alexander Gomez

BNC - Giselle Hernandez

Marjory Stoneman Douglas BNC - Jessica Ibaez

BNC - M Valle

BNC - Rosana Casanellas



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