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Virginia Key Beach Park


[4020 Virginia Beach Drive]
Here’s a beach where a step in the soft white sands is an imprint in South Florida history. Visitors to Virginia Key Beach Park learn about its rich history as the only beach in Miami-Dade County legally available to African Americans during the period of segregation.  Students also learn about its ecology and restoration after having been closed for over 20 years and recently re-opened to the public. This is a beautiful setting for multidisciplinary learning to take place.  Possibilities for service-learning activities are also available. For more information about the park, visit:

2008-09 Statistics
74% of students have never been to Virginia Key before 90% of students participating enjoyed this immersion
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What Students Had to Say

I was surprised about how the minorities formed their own community. The place was so amazing. It is a good thing that people preserved the park.

[I learned] how the beach was closed for twenty years and used for police training.

Cleaning up the surroundings made me realize how people disresepect nature with all the trashes we've seen, yet it is a pleasure to be a part of preventing the beach from getting worse.

Great leaders like Dr. King have been there with their families.

Super! I hope to come back again!

It was a very great learning experience. I like it very much.


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