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Organic Gardens


Since 2004 EEI has been partnering with Miami Dade County Public School teachers and Three Sisters Organic Farm to establish organic vegetable gardens within the schools, to be used as outdoor, experiential learning centers. In this context teachers and students can explore a wide range of subjects while fulfilling the Florida Sunshine State Standards. Students learn to take ownership and responsibility for their plants, write poems about the garden, measure, chart and compare growth of the plants, and learn about nutrition, food preparation and self care. In addition, lessons about ecology, companion plants, composting and decomposers present an opportunity for developing a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of all living things and the importance of diversity.

EEI encourages experiential learning through gardening by providing plants and materials to begin the process. In addition to providing supplies, EEI provides support for the teachers throughout the year, beginning in the fall with the 'School Gardens: Meeting Florida Educational Standards for Science' workshop. In this workshop participants gain organic gardening skills through hands-on activities. EEI provides materials, resources and strategies for sustaining garden projects and for integrating learning into the classroom.



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