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Deering Estate at Cutler Bay


CTD 0487b -
Deering Estate at Cutler Bay- 16701 SW 72 Ave, Miami FL

Facilitated by Deering Estate Staff

6 hours of Professional Development Credit for Faculty
(4 hour workshop, 2 hour post workshop)

Participants in this immersion will explore the natural and cultural history of the Deering Estate at Cutler.  It will include three (3) components: a tour of the Richmond Cottage and Stone House, a short hike on the Tekesta Trail, and a visit to the footpath that, near the end of the nineteenth century, became the first Cutler Road.  Participants will learn about the first hotel between Coconut Grove and Key West and the history of the settlers from around 1896 through 1927.  They will visit the Cutler Burial Mound and learn about the Tekesta – a Native American people who canoed the waters of Biscayne Bay and hunted on the land known today as the Deering Estate at Cutler. Lastly, they will hike through a lush forest of tropical hardwood trees, globally endangered Pine Rocklands, and a mangrove forest, revealing the surprising diversity of South Florida’s habitats.

Participants will be expected to relate the workshop experience to their academic disciplines and to draft a written proposal on ways to incorporate concepts of ecological sustainability into their current work or course objectives. Due within three weeks to the director of the Earth Ethics Institute.

Ernest Lent is the senior naturalist at the Deering Estate. He graduated with a degree in History from Florida Atlantic University in 1973. He has worked in Everglades National Park as a naturalist at Shark Valley and has been a naturalist with Miami-Dade Parks at the Deering Estate for more than ten years.

Mr. Lent developed the very popular Mock Archeology Dig program for the Estate as well as the Bird walk, Pine Rockland walk, Ethnobotany tour, Tekesta Trail program and numerous other educational programs.

Mr. Lent is the lead naturalist in the eco-adventure programming at the Estate and helped devise both of the Estate’s canoeing programs. He is instrumental in the Deering Estate at Cutler training program and has written training documents about the Tekesta Indians, the Hardwood Hammock, Prohibition, and the Second Seminole War among many others. 

Course Description and Objectives

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