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Cultivating Resilient Communities of  Wellbeing


Stand Up, Rise Up!    Film Series
Gather, Connect, Envision, ACT.
Seeing Possibilities, Seeding Mindful Solutions!
ECOMB and EEI join forces with support from SQA Foundation
Wednesday, January 25 - Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Wolfson Campus Kickoff  - Before the Flood
InterAmerican Campus - Seed: The Untold Story

5:30 pm reception, 6 pm screening - several locations.
List of all films and locations

Sustainability and Urban Resiliency Symposium -
Kendall Campus -
March 15-16, 2017

GSELS Spring Into Sustainability Symposium and Festival-
North Campus - March 20-22, 2017

GSELS Symposium
Wolfson Campus -  March 22 – 24, 2017

IAC Recycles!
InterAmerican Campus March 22- March 31, 2017

Hialeah Campus - Spring Activities

Activities organized by the Hialeah Green Team
Hialeah Campus -
January 19 - April 19, , 2017


Dr. Niko Roorda
Your Personal Social and Environmental Responsibility
as a (future) Professional
(link to power point)

Thursday, January 12, 2017
Dr. Niko Roorda is the author of Fundamentals of Sustainable Development and works as a senior consultant on sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and change management for companies and universities in several countries.

Multi-class Presentations:
Wolfson Campus - Room 2106  -  9:50 am - 11:05 am
Kendall Campus - Honors Colloquium, Room 6120 - 3:30 pm - 5 pm

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)
InterAmerican Campus -   6 pm - 8 pm
(Invitation-only  -- GSELS Faculty Dinner)
for more information


Professional Development for MDC Faculty and Staff

Seeing Systems: Peace, Equity and Regeneration (Part 2)
Awarding 11 hours of Professional Development

A series of four lunch and learn discussions examining the interrelationships of and interconnections between peace, social and economic justice, racial and gender equity and environmental sustainability. 
Hialeah -To Register and for dates/time,  class #
: EEI1001-3


Reconnecting with Earth 2: A New Story
Awarding 12 hours of Professional Development

This is part two of a workshop series, each offering four sessions addressing one of the central issues of our time -  What is the appropriate relationship of human beings to Earth?  Participants will apply the knowledge developed during Part 1 of the workshop and utilize it to construct a new paradigm for how we can heal and reconnect with the natural world around us. As they explore topics in Earth Literacy, they will also develop tools and concepts to apply sustainable education concepts in their curriculum.
Kendall - To Register and for dates/time,  class #
Wolfson -
To Register and for dates/time,  class # EEI1006-2

Climate Disruption: Choosing Resiliency 
Awarding 15 hours of Professional Development
This multi-media workshop will address the topic of climate change through readings, group reflections, discussion questions,
and action planning as well as interactive electronic resources
including web and video content.
InterAmerican - To Register and for dates/time, class #
North - To Register and for dates/time, class #

Cape Florida State Park
Awarding 6 Hours of Professional Development
Saturday, February 4, 2017   8:30 - 12:30 pm
Participants will learn about the natural and cultural history of Cape Florida State Park System, also called ‘Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Recreation Area’.
Cape Florida State Park, Key Biscayne To Register



Covanta Waste-to-Energy Facility
Awarding 2 hours of Professional Development

Friday, February 24, 2017  2-4 pm
This two hour experiential learning activity takes participants on a tour of the Miami-Dade Resources Recovery Facility operated by Covanta Southeastern Florida Renewable Energy Facilities.  It will focus on the waste to energy processes that are utilized at this site.
Covanta Resource Recovery Center- To Register


Programs for Faculty and Staff- Ongoing

Global Sustainability and Earth Literacy Studies (GSELS) Learning Network

Sustainability Education Professional Development Opportunities

Sustainability and Earth Literacy Professional Development Workshops

Graduate Courses in Collaboration with EEI

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Outdoor Immersions Awarding Professional Development

Sustainability in the Curriculum                      

Immersions for Your Classes

Sustainability Learning Lunches
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Programs for Students - Ongoing

The Next Generation of Global Leaders are Stepping Forward - JOIN US!

Narrow Ridge Earth Literacy Field Experience - Apply In December!

Programs and Resources for Students

Earth Literacy and Sustainability I -new course

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