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Earth Literacy Notebook by Mac Smith


An Invitation to Begin Creating a Civilization that Makes Sense

What do we need to know to make sense out of our lives? To make sense as individuals? As a society? As an endangered species? Exactly what is the crisis we face? What can we do to solve it?

When we can answer those questions we will achieve a new kind of literacy...a literacy that goes beyond the definition we presently use...beyond mastery of the basics we now consider a "good education." A grwoing number of scientists and scholars tell us that mastery of a new level of literacy is essential. Without it, we can't create a civilization that makes sense...human sense...planetary sense...cosmic sense. The new literacy we must master is "Earth Literacy."

  Earth Literacy Introduction           

   Earth Literacy Theme 1                           Earth Literacy Theme 2                           Earth Literacy Theme 3         

   Earth Literacy Theme 4                           Earth Literacy Theme 5                           Earth Literacy Theme 6

   Earth Literacy Theme 7                           Earth Literacy Theme 8                           Earth Literacy Theme 9

   Earth Literacy Theme 10                         Earth Literacy Theme 11                         Earth Literacy Theme 12

   Earth Literacy Theme 13

  Earth Ethics Institute believes that the work by the founders in 1988 at Miami Dade College was visionary.
  As a result, we are making public the resources still available to us.


 Chandra links pulsar to historic supernova 


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