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Working Data:
- Feed the worms 3 times their weight per week ( 1 pound of worms need about 3 pounds of food per week)

-You can buy worms in a 1 gallon container which would have 1,000 bait-size worms

-We concluded that since 1 gallon of water =8.3 pounds and worms are made mostly out of water, we averaged the weight of 1 gallon of worms to 8 pounds

-This means they would need around 25 lbs. of scraps per week

We concluded that 1000 worms make eat 25 lbs. of scraps each week and make 15 lbs. of soil per week.

Our objective is to get people to do this at home in those little gardens you put outside your kitchen window which would need 1 cubic ft of soil to fill it up.
(The garden has a normalized area of 2 ft) At the rate the worms produce soil, it would take them 5 weeks to produce 75 pounds of soil.

So it would take people 5 weeks to fill their sustainable garden


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