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School Projects

We went to the schools to teach children how to create worm bins so they have an opportunity to start composting. We let them know where they can get free bins, how to drill holes in the sides and bottom of the bin. We taught them that after the holes that they put the drilled up bin into another bin so it could catch the worm’s tea.

To start to worms habitat, some soil should be put in the bin and the worms are then to be added. Then they should put the food in and after it is settled on the soil, they should cover everything up with shredded newspaper that is moistened for bedding.

After we taught them how to create the bins we let the class we visited keep the bins in hopes that they learn how to compose and create their own bins at home so they can create their own gardens or use that soil for their plants.

Citrus Grove Elementary


Holmes Elementary

Project Bridge at Shake-A-Leg Miami



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