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Water Clock Project- an EEI Collaboration

In 2010, Professor Jose Guntin, Psychology at the MDC Kendall Campus, thought about how a water clock would beautifully represent sustainability in a water challenged world. It would require no energy to run, it would use water as a source of energy, it would bring the concept of time to human's sustainability challenge, and it would be a monument to creativity.

Professor Guntin didn't know what would happen, how it would work, or what it would look like, but he knew he could rely on students for the particulars. The Water Clock Project started as a simple seed of an idea and quickly germinated in the minds of  Professor Guntin's students.

The project is a process of discovery. What is sustainability? what is renewable energy? How is water viewed in our culture? How do we package water? Who owns water?

So Many Questions to explore. And students decide what they will explore, how they will explore and each year there is a new design and modification of the project.

Now it is a club at Kendall and you can be a part!


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